Jin Hua jiang kai auto parts co., LTD., is a company specializing in the production of auto parts and home appliance plastic company.
Company has a relatively rich auto parts project processing production experience, can provide customers with a complete set of services, including mold manufacturing, injection molding, assembly. Main products are steering wheel, the airbag cover, dashboard, outlet, A B C D column grid, such as interiors and exteriors and function, company with excellent quality for the purpose, the current supplier for the auto level, follow-up with vw, gm, dongfeng yueda kia, car brand to provide quality products and services.
The company has mold workshop, injection workshop and dust-free painting workshop. With excellent technology and good service, good to meet customer requirements, has been built for customers door series, column series, instrument series mold. From 90 tons to 2400 tons of injection molding machine, which can meet the size of the various types of injection parts production. Painting workshop production line for 80 meters X2.5 meters, anti-static epoxy resin floor, class of 10000 dust-free workshop. Committed to the front grille, front and rear bumpers of spraying, etc. Our advantage is our company's quality policy: "Jiang Kai staff to create the best quality, satisfy and exceed customer requirements".
Company in July 2017 has made national compulsory 3 c certification and TS16949 system certification, a comprehensive processing services for customers to provide quality products.
The current production models have T700, E20, T600 door plank, such as A, B, C column inside and outside decoration, etc.
The company's aim is: service first, not only to make our customers satisfied, more let our customers moved and do our best.


Jinhua Jiangkai Auto Parts Co., Ltd.
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